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Universal Genève Rare Tri-Compax 'Evil Clapton' Ref. 88101/02, late 1960s

Universal Genève Rare Tri-Compax 'Evil Clapton' Ref. 88101/02, late 1960s

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The late 1960s Tri-Compax examples in panda and reverse-panda dial motifs are referred to by collectors as the "Clapton" and "Evil Clapton" respectively. Eric Clapton wore the Panda version in 1967, and the ref. 88101/02 with the black dial is called the "Evil Clapton."

This watch is iconic as it represents Universal Genève, one of the best Swiss chronograph makers, at the brand's absolute peak. After success with the Compax line in the '30s, '40s, and '50s, UG tapped Gérald Genta to create the Polerouter, a robust three-hander, in 1954. A case can be made that the Polerouter design changed UG for good, ushering in an era where a mid-century aesthetic took over the brand's catalog. Whereas the brand's previous designs were totally traditional, Universal Genève became one of the trendy fashion watches in the 1960s with the"Nina Rindt" and "Clapton" Compax references representing the celebrity attraction to the brand.

This example is unpolished in our view and has remarkably full lume tritium plots on the dial – this is true collector condition.

Maker: Universal Genève

Model: Tri-Compax "Evil Clapton"

Reference: 881101/02

Year: 1960s

Case No: 2556287

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 36mm diameter; 13mm thickness

Crystal: Plexiglass

Caliber: Universal Genève, manually-wound, caliber 281

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