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Rolex Ref 6239, Rare “Small Daytona” Stainless Steel Chronograph, circa 1966

Rolex Ref 6239, Rare “Small Daytona” Stainless Steel Chronograph, circa 1966

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Ref 6239 was the first model of the celebrated "Daytona" series and was launched in 1963. The watch was first sold in the US in 1963, and subsequently was featured in sales catalogues in Europe as of 1964. This model was available in stainless steel, 14k and 18k gold.

Whereas Rolex had a history of making fine chronographs, reference 6239 represented a lot of firsts for the company. Many of these design innovations came because the 6239 was marketed specifically to race car enthusiasts:

  • 6239 was the firm's first chronograph with the tachometer scale engraved on the bezel and the subsidiary dials printed in a different color than the main dial for better readability.
  • Whereas the first 6239s simply said Cosmograph on the dial, but shortly after the release of the watch, the name nickname “Daytona” was added to celebrate the association between Rolex and Motorsports.

Something that we love about the early 6239 is that Rolex was still experimenting with the placement and font size & color of the word Daytona.  Sometimes Daytona is printed in small letters, sometimes it’s large. There are times when Daytona is right under Cosmograph, and there are times when Daytona floats. Then of course are white, black and cherry letters of Daytona.

We think this individuality makes the early 6239s much more interesting than the standardized dials you see in the market today. The watch we feature today has the word Daytona in a small font that’s barely visible. It’s a very beautiful and discrete rendition of the iconic model.

This watch runs well and is in excellent condition for its age. The case shows light signs of wear and the dial and lumes have age related imperfections only visible through a loupe.

Unlike many older models, all the lume plots are present, although a couple of them are chipped.

The manual wind Valjoux Cal 722 movement runs well and is free of any scratches.

Bracelet: correct Ref 7205 bracelet with Ref 57 end links.  End links are a good fit but should probably be model 71. The bracelet is in great condition with minimal stretch.

Diameter: 36.5mm

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