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Grand Seiko VFA Reference 6185-8021, Rare, Amazing Condition, 1971

Grand Seiko VFA Reference 6185-8021, Rare, Amazing Condition, 1971

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This is a vintage Grand Seiko VFA from 1971 in astonishing condition.  The serial numbers on the movement and the case suggest that this is one of the earliest VFAs to leave the Suwa factory in March 1971.

The feature that stands out to me the most is the beautiful radiating silver dial with slender and tall hour markers – a unique feature of the reference that is best seen when looking at a ¾ side view of the watch. As you turn the watch against light, the tall hour markers cast a small shadow on the dial reminiscent of a sundial. Very cool.

The dial also bears the "Suwa Seikosha" logo, positioned below the VFA signature. This logo represents one of two facilities - the other one being "Daini Seikosha" - established by the parent Seiko Group to foster competition within the company. Seiko believed that competition between the two factories would lead to better quality.

Grand Seiko VFA utilizes a modified 44GS case shape with the broad polished shoulders of the lugs and features top-notch executed surface finishes including satin brushing and Zaratsu distortion-free mirror polishing. This mirror polish cannot be replicated if the watch is repolished by an independent watchmaker.

The cosmetic condition of this watch is remarkable: the case is unpolished and free of any deep scratches or dings. To be sure there is light surface wear evident, consistent with the age of the watch. The dial appears perfect under a loupe without any signs of oxidation on the dial or around the edges.

Back Story on Grand Seiko VFA

Grand Seiko launched in the early 1960s and made quality their main pillar of production. Grand Seiko had to be better than the European manufacturers to be competitive in a market dominated by the Swiss. Grand Seiko became the first Japanese wristwatch to be evaluated by the Bureax Officiels de Controle de la Marche des Montresand and display the chronometer rating on its dial.

In 1966 the “Grand Seiko Standard” was established, a standard still used today, which mandated a mean daily rate of +5/-3 seconds per day – notably two seconds stricter than the +6/-4 seconds per day of COSC . While incredibly accurate, Grand Seiko pushed the limits further with their “Grand Seiko Special Standard” of +/- 3 seconds per day and even stricter “Grand Seiko Very Fine Adjusted” VFA standard: +/- 2 seconds per day for their mechanical pieces.

The VFA watches had a short production run of only three years leading to their rarity. The project was abandoned because the introduction of cheaper quartz movements in the 70s seemed to make super accurate mechanical watches obsolete.

For the technical highlight, this watch features Seiko in-house caliber 6185B, a 36,000 VPH movement regulated to the VFA +/- 1 minute per month standard. There are no signs of oxidation or any scratched to the caliber, bridges or the screws. Despite the age of this watch, the movement maintains a high rate of accuracy.

Movement: Cal. 6185B, automatic

Beats: 36,000 vibrations per hour

Jewels: 25

Case: 37 mm. wide, 42.5 mm. overall length

With: Stainless Original Steel Seiko buckle

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