Rolex Submariner Ref 5513, Gilt Dial, Long 5 Bezel, 1966


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Rolex 5513 Submariner, “Meters First”, Gilt Dial, 1966, Long 5 bezel insert: The case is in excellent original condition. The lugs are thick and full, retaining their original beveled edge. No dings or deep scratches visible on the case or bracelet. Original “Long 5” bezel insert is in very nice condition, and is faded consistent with age. The original tritium pearl on the bezel is intact with patina consistent with the rest of the watch.

The gilt dial is in excellent original condition, with markers and hands evenly patinated. While the gilt printing is sharp and bold, the surface is pitted gently and evenly throughout, giving the golden lettering a beautiful “starry night” background. The luminescent plots are all intact (no flaking) and have the correct puffing and patina.

The watch comes with both the original breacelet and an ABP Paris rubber strap and clasp. The stainless steel rivet bracelet (7206/80) has minimal stretch and is in fantastic condition.  Serial and model number are clear and defined. 40mm.

Comes with box, no papers.  Willing to credit the bracelet ($2,500) and sell watch with rubber strap only.


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