Grand Seiko 45GS 4520-8000 No Date Dial, 1970


For your consideration is the Grand Seiko GS45 ref. 4520 -8000 from May 1970. The watch is mounted on a well-matched vintage Bambi bracelet which is a Japanese brand. The watch is 100% original and was recently serviced in Seiko Japan with 4 months of warranty left on the movement from Seiko.  The watch keeps time accurately with an error of -3s per day.

This 4520-8000 is the undated variant of GS45, making it the more desirable variant. The earlier no date version is more difficult to find in good condition.  The aesthetics of this model are very close to 44GS but the caliber is a more modern Hi-Beat manual wind (10 beats per second).

For lucky owners who have both 44GS and 45GS it is instantly apparent that the 45 wears thinner and more comfortable. This is partially because the original 45GS crystal was a flatter acrylic dome. Over the years, many 45GS original crystals have gotten cracked or replaced.  We are happy to offer this watch with 100% original components.

Size is 42mm lug to lug, 36.6 mm diameter without the crown and 10mm thick.

Condition: the watch appears unpolished. There are no deep scratches or dings anywhere on the case, but there are hairline scuffs to the flat surfaces that should never be polished out in our opinion.  The dial is absolutely spotless and incredible, with no signs of oxidation around the edges where tarnish can appear.


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